Top 12 Body Spa Benefits

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Top 12 Body spa Benefits, Improve Digestive disorders Glow skin and nourished health Help in Fibromyalgia Decrease Headache Help in Insomnia related to stress Help [...]

Types of Spas Therapies

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Types of Spas Therapies Indian Therapies Abhyangam Shirodhara Pizichill Udwartanam Churna Svedam Pined Svedanam Kati Basti Hridya Basti Griva Basti Janu Basti Nasyam Sarvang Dhara [...]

Mediation for the therapist

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Mediation for the therapists So much has been written about the body mind connection and its healing. Our mind connects with universal healing through meditation [...]

Advantage of Massage Therapies

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Advantage of Massage Therapies There are tremendous advantages of massage therapies, It reduce the pain Health benefit in body joints Blood flow increased Help in [...]

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