Body Spa

If you are looking to pamper yourself, opt for a spa experience which will help you recharge your flailing batteries. Beat the rigors of the chaotic New Delhi’s fast-paced city life by taking a body spa vacation. A visit to the spa will rejuvenate your senses, re-energize your body, and help you beat the stress of a chaotic lifestyle.

Day body spas are ideal for you if you want a quick-fix solution to your fatigue.  New Delhi has a wide array of body spas including Apex D Spa  where you can avail full Hygienic service facilities. Choose from a wide assortment of body massage treatments which will pamper your senses. Their highly-trained staffs include masseuses and masseur who are experts at numerous touch therapies which can offer you a gateway to healthy living and wellness. Your body’s skin is the first layer of protection against the dust and pollution that is marring the city. If you need to feel energized, you will need to take adequate care of your skin. Rejuvenate your body’s skin with exemplary body spa treatments which will feel like a facial for your entire body and give you a youthful appearance.

The various treatments available in a body spa are uniquely designed to exfoliate the dead skin cells and cleanse it to give you smooth skin.  One of the most popular forms of body treatments is to get a body scrub in which a salt scrub is applied to your body by a massage therapist as you lay down on the massage table. The entire body is scrubbed and the entire process can last to under half hour. When you shower to remove the scrub, you will immediately notice the invigorating effect of the scrub on your skin. It will be noticeably smoother and the glow will be unmistakable. The process is then followed by applying a hydrating lotion. There are various variations of this treatment based on the different mix of oils and scrub materials. We import a few of the world’s best therapeutic oils and scrub materials to give you the best results possible.

You can also opt for a detoxifying body treatment in which your body’s wrapped by algae and seaweed. This process can also have a positive effect on the body’s metabolism.  The detoxifying nature of the elements of the body wrap treatment can be used to treat cellulite. It can also have a considerable effect on weight loss. Yes, body spa treatments have multi-fold benefits and your body will thank you when you opt for a body spa treatment. We invite all our guests to soak in the tranquil and relaxing nature of the spa and indulge in one of our body spa treatments which will not only soothe your tired muscles but it will also make you feel and look younger. Avail the transnational world class body spa treatments that can help you treat cellulite, give you temporary weight reduction, and transform your skin.

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