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Aroma Body Massage

Aroma body Massage in Delhi

Aroma body Massage in Delhi

We at Apex d spa offers Aroma Body Massage in Delhi , Aroma therapy is controlled, therapeutic use of pure essential oils from medicinal plants to increase psychological and give high relaxation and remove pain, anxiety and tension.

Essentials oil are used to inter in the body and give deep relaxation and oil gives many fruitful results to the body. It is very good massage to get rid of pain.

For Aroma Body Massage in Delhi, You need to book appointment and a proper readiness of room, the towel must be clean and dry and required oils must be on place and you need to welcome client properly to ensure his/her happiness and all formalities of form filling must be there. And you must ask client review for better improvement in the spa. You need a proper consultation with client’s requirement and then ask his/her medical condition before starting massage procedure.

Aroma Body Massage procedure Back Massage

You need to start back then covered the back with towel and start performing from this movement like Diagonal stretch and longitudinal stretch, side stretch then spread the oil on back with help of palm in the diagonal direction. Effleurage on back trapezius, then kneading on back, thumb rotation on back.

    Book for Aroma Body Massage in Delhi call her 8527275332 we have full body massage in delhi as well .