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Swedish Body Massage

Swedish body massage in delhi

Swedish body massage in delhi

Swedish Massage is a scientific treatment by some systematic manipulations upon the human body, the term massage had been derived from the Greek word ‘massein’ or the French word ‘masser’ both words means to knead. . Now a day Swedish massage is used in all over the Europe and the first person was who used Swedish massage was Dr.mezger. We have available Swedish Body Massage in Delhi

To give the healing touch to body Swedish Massage has some techniques which are following
Effleurage Techniques
Effleurage technique means light friction and spreading the oils on the limbs and strokes are given towards the hearts to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Gliding movement in which the hands glide with long even strokes over the body surface. Pushing towards hearts which increase the blood flow and lymph. It is important for muscles and skin glow. Our Swedish Body Massage in Jasola have all latest equipment to do Swedish body massage.

Petrissage Techniques

Petrissage techniques involves kneading and compression motions like rolling, squeezing or pressing the muscles for deeper blood circulations Petrissage attempts to increase blood flow with clearing out toxins from muscles and nerve tissue. A compression movement using kneading , pressing , twisting, and squeezing muscles tissue to create and pumping action which forces the venous blood and lymph onward which circulate fresh supply of blood to muscles.

Friction Techniques

Friction techniques is form of effleurage assists in realigning scar tissue, relaxes muscles by stimulating Golgi tendon reflex. The Golgi tendon reflex protects the skeletal muscles from excessively heavy loads by causing the muscles to relax. The motion is circular, applies direct pressure, a fast back and forth movement or slow and deep gliding over muscles. Compression movement performed with thumb, fingertips, or the palm of the hand and in circular motion. It is helpful in joint pain, tendons and relaxes to muscles.

Tapotement Techniques

A techniques works for it therapies can do it many times within seconds which stimulates blood circulation and tired muscles and relaxation of hypertonic muscles and loosens mucus in thoracic cavity make a loose fist keep your wrists relaxed and us quick movement with hands only to use relax wrists.

Vibration Techniques

Vibration techniques boots blood circulation and increase the power of muscle and moving your hand back and forth on the client’s body without leaving the contract, a continuous pressing, trembling with hands and fingers. Are you Swedish body massage in delhi then book your appointment below.

Process of client Handling for Swedish massage

During the session
If client is ready then massage can be started which depends on the client requirement we give example of that if client has chosen Swedish massage then client require to expose area of the body which massage will be done Shiatsu can be done while client is fully dressed in sweatpants or shorts.
After the Session
Swedish Massage therapy by grounding him and will ask client to drink water after massage session.